JEE Software Development

Using an Ellipse based IDE the server side application is a JEE combination of a JSF Web application and EJBs as depicted in the following graphic.

Th components needing custom development are:

  • the Facelet with JSF pages (xhtml) that get rendered by the application server when the browser requests a page and displays data and or allows data to be entered or edited
  • the Managed JavaBeans provides a bridge between the JSF and the business logic
  • the Business Logic provides the classes that do the calculations and manipulation of the data residing in the database and being displayed
  • the MQTT Message Driven Beans (MDB) to subscribe and publish events to/from the MQTT broker, those events (messages) are available to the business logic
  • the Entities and their Managers using JPA provide the mechanisms to map the database table data to objects to be processed by the  business logic