Rolling Stock RFID Manager (RSRM)

This micro-service web component processes RFID messages and attempts to find the road name and number from the inventory of rolling stock. It is dependent on two other components:

  • RIDS, which provides services to access the MongoDB collection of rolling stock documents containing a RFID associated to a road name and number
  • ISIS, which subscribes to RFID IoT messages and pushes those messages to the manager

RSRM in context of other micro-services

As a demo, the RSRM was configured with other micro services, as seen in the figure above, so that a consist of several pieces of rolling stock with RFID tags rolled over the RFID reader and the id shows on the web page, as seen in the video. Then a user enters the road name and number for the rollingstock not previously found by the tag. In one case there is no rolling stock in the current inventory with the read tag. Then the MRIM application is started and a new piece of rolling stock is created. The last phase of the video shows all the RFID tags are assigned to an identifiable piece of rolling stock.

The following screen shot shows several RFID tags, read from three different RFID readers, matching exiting pieces of the inventory with known RFID tag Ids, one depicting an RFID Id of a rolling stock that has not been entered into the inventory and one that the RFID tag has not found a match in the inventory and the MR operator has not entered the road name and number.

RSRM Rolling Stock RFID Manager
Using a popup the user can enter the identification of the rolling stock.
RSRM Rolling Stock RFID Manager