Model Railroad Inventory Manager (MRIM)

This micro-service web component provides a user with a web application to display, create and update information of the inventoried items. It is dependent on two other components:

  • RIDS, which provides services to access the MongoDB collection of rolling stock documents containing a RFID associated to a road name and number
  • MRFM, which provides services to store image files (jpeg) in a file store

The following figure shows the MRIM micro-service in context of the other micro-services needed to provide the application ability to manage inventories.

MRIM in context of other micro-services

The following lists of items, commonly found in model railroads, that can be managed by a user using this application:

  • Rolling Stock
  • AAR Codes
  • Images
  • Companies

The following screen shots, show the Rolling Stock list, an associated popup of the details of a single piece of rolling stock, and the entry form to create a new item in the rolling stock inventory.
MRIM Rolling Stock Inventory List
MRIM Rolling Stock Detail Popup
MRIM Rolling Stock Create

The following PDF reports can be created by this application:

  • AAR Codes
  • Companies
  • Images
  • RFID
  • Rolling Stock sortable by Road Name and Road Number or AAR Code or Status

The following screen shot shows the selection menu for report creation.
MRIM Reports
Sample Rolling Stock Report
The application can export inventories in either JSON or CSV and imports files in CSV.